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Performing Arts and Crafts

Performing Arts and Crafts | School Years Reception to Year 2

Where creative children can let their imaginations run wild

Dancing, acting, arts and crafts are the order of the day at our Performing Arts and Crafts Camps. This is the place where every day is a chance to let creativity flow. Here, your child's imagination can run wild amongst kindred spirits, making new friends and developing their skills all at once.

Our dance classes have a reputation for being lots of fun, but they will also help your child to develop their coordination, strength and concentration as they learn new routines. Meanwhile, drama sessions cover key performance techniques and arts and crafts provide time and space to try out a range of inspiring skills.

In addition, children will have the chance to take part in a range of games and activities including lots of lunchtime entertainment complete with competitions and prizes.


Age Group

For all children in School Years Reception to Year 2