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Football | School Year 1 to Year 7

For budding fans of the beautiful game

Providing first class football facilities where boys and girls of all abilities can develop their skills, our Football Camps offer fun and fair play for everyone from beginners to up and coming pros.

These sport specific camps are a wonderful opportunity for children who are just beginning to show a passion for football as well as those who are avid fans of the beautiful game. They are a chance to develop their techniques, make new friends, and understand the true meaning of good sportsmanship over the school holidays.

Guided by our skilled and caring members of staff as well as our FA qualified coaches, technical skill is combined with innovative games, training and competition including a daily afternoon tournament where they can show off their new skills. Every day there is also the chance to win medals and trophies in an environment that nurtures children in a healthy approach to competition, team work and a caring and respectful attitude towards their peers.


Age Group

For all children in School Years Reception to Year 7

Junior Footballers (Year 1 - Year 2)

  • Inflatable Shoot-out
  • Games & Races
  • King of the Ring
  • Quizzes
  • Jail time
  • Skills School
  • Penalty Shoot-Outs
  • Tournaments
  • Zorb Football

Senior Footballers (Year 3 - Year 7)

  • Wembley Doubles
  • Football Golf
  • Football Tennis
  • World Cup & Champions League Tournaments
  • Skills School
  • Soccer AM Challenges
  • Panna Tournaments
  • Penalties, Free Kick & 1 on 1 Competition
  • Zorb Football