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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can come to Club Excel?

We are registered with Ofsted to take children from 3 years of age.

When do your Camps operate?

We run a full programme of activities during the Easter, Summer and Christmas School holidays. We also run a reduced programme during the Half Term Holidays at our venue in St. Albans and our sister company Excel Sport offer a reduced programme at Aldenham School during all Half Terms Holidays.

What about your Staff?

Our staff are amongst our greatest strengths. As we work with children throughout the year we are able to employ a number of dedicated specialists who have been handpicked for their child friendly skills.

The unique atmosphere at Camp is created by a team who really enjoy working with children and are able to create a safe, caring atmosphere whilst keeping fun at the centre of everything.

Staff must complete an intensive training session before working with us and are, of course, cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service at the Enhanced Level.

What are the staff to child ratios?

For children aged 3 & 4 the staff to child ratio is 1:8

For children aged 5 to 7 years the staff to child ratio is 1:10

For children aged 8 to 10 years the staff to child ratio is 1:12

Of course there are always additional staff on hand ensuring that we are able to fulfil a child's needs at all times.

Are you Ofsted registered?

We have been registered with Ofsted for 20 years with regular inspections which ensure we are meeting all National Childcare Regulations by verifying our policies and procedures and interviewing both parents and staff. The Ofsted inspection reports are available to view at reports.ofsted.gov.uk/.

What times are Drop off and Pick up?

Our standard hours are 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. We also offer Early and Late Clubs which extend the day from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Staff will be on hand to direct you when arriving at Camp. You will be required to register and advise the team of any additional information regarding your child at that time.

Can anybody collect my child from camp?

To enhance security when collecting your child from Camp, we use a codeword system, an entirely voluntary scheme (apart from Mini Camp) but, for additional safety, we would urge you to take part.

When you complete your Emergency Contact/Medical Form, you will be able to enter a pick-up codeword.

Once you have completed the Emergency Contact/Medical Form, you can either view or change the pick-up codeword in the 'Parent Login' area, situated on the top left of any of this site's pages.

Click the blue 'MY DETAILS' button and then click the green 'PICK-UP CODEWORD' button.

If anyone other than yourself is to collect your child, you will need to set up this pick-up codeword for them to use in advance. Once this has been applied to your account anyone collecting your child, including parents, will need to know the pick-up codeword.

Please note that once you provide us with a codeword, your child will not be released unless you or whoever is collecting can verify that word. You can change the word as often as you see fit, via the website, but not within 24 hours of pickup.

If you need to collect your child early, you can arrange this via the office.

What if I am delayed?

If you are running late and are going to be delayed after 3.30pm then we ask that you please call the camp office to let us know. We will then book your child into the Late Club for an additional fee of £8, payable when you collect them.

If your child is already booked in for the extended day our late club is only registered until 5.30pm and after that time we are legally obligated to inform Children's Services if a child is still on site and we have not been able to contact the parents/carers. In addition, we reserve the right to charge £5 for every five minutes that a child is with us after 5.30pm, which will be automatically added to your account.

What should my child bring to Camp?

We require a completed Emergency Contact Information and Medical Conditions form before your child can attend camp. This will be emailed to you at the time of booking and can be filled out online.

Children should dress in loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. They should also wear comfortable trainers, no heels or flip-flops. As children take part in a wide variety of activities, we ask you not to send them to camp in clothes you would not wish to be damaged. Accidents can happen so a change of clothes, easily accessible in their bag, helps your child to quickly change and carry on with their fun day. Please ensure your child leaves all valuables at home as staff are not able to look after a child's possessions.

If your child is booked into Abbots Hill, St. Hildas Bushey or St. Hildas Harpenden camp, swimming kit should be brought every day unless you are booked onto the Mini Camp or Football Camp. If your child does not have swimming kit then they can take part in an alternative activity.

We ask that all children bring sun protection to all Club Excel camps, and that they have also applied sun protection before they arrive in the morning. Please be mindful that while staff can and will remind children to re-apply sun lotion regularly, they are not permitted to rub sun cream onto children. As a result, spray-on sun lotion is the most effective solution, and we advise that children also bring a sensible hat or cap as well.

All children should bring a packed lunch containing non-perishable goods and drinks for morning and afternoon breaks (fresh fruit and drinks and are provided for children attending the Mini Camp). A small ice pack is also advisable during hot weather as we have no refrigeration facilities. Please avoid nut products. We encourage children to drink plenty of fluids on a regular basis so please pack a water bottle.

There is a tuck shop on-site for all courses except the Mini Camp, however we ask you to limit the amount of money your child brings each day. If you would prefer not to send your children with money then please pack an additional snack for the morning and afternoon breaks as they will get very hungry. The suggested amount for tuck is between 50p and £1.00 kept in a securely named purse/wallet.

We provide any equipment necessary for all the activities, so there is no need to send your children with anything other than a packed lunch, swimming kit (if required) and sun protection. Please ensure all clothing is named and that your child brings home all items at the end of the day. It is very difficult for us to locate lost property once children have left camp.

What if my child can't swim?

All children are given an ability test when they first enter the water, and will need to show that they are competent swimmers. Any child not meeting the required level will have to wear armbands, which we will provide.

Swimming is on offer at Abbots Hill, St Hildas Bushey & St. Hildas Harpenden venues during summer camp if the weather allows.

Swimming is optional on all courses except Football and Mini Camp, however children not wishing to swim will be able to take part in alternative activities.

All pool activities are supervised by a qualified lifeguard.

Medical Conditions should I inform you?

We need to know about any medical conditions your child has when you make your booking and this will then appear on the daily register. In some cases we may need to get additional information from you regarding your child's needs.

Please inform us if it is necessary for us, or your child, to administer any medication throughout the day. All medication must be kept in a named bag in the office. A medical form and full details can be completed at registration.

What if my child carries an Epi-Pen?

If your child carries an Epi-Pen then we ask that parents inform the camp before they arrive by completing the emergency contact medical information or by calling the office on 01923 469475 or e-mailing info@clubexcel.co.uk. Alternatively you can inform us on arrival of their first day by speaking with the staff at the sign in desk.

We have a number of members of staff who are trained in administering an Epi-Pen in case of an emergency, but it is vital that we are made aware beforehand. Please bring two Epi-Pens with you to camp and ensure both are named clearly and placed in a see through named bag which can be sealed.

What if my child is ill or has an accident at camp?

It is extremely rare that a child at any one of our camps experiences anything worse than a grazed knee or a brush from a stinging nettle. However, to be on the safe side, every Excel Camp has team members who are qualified first aiders and they will manage any minor accidents and illnesses. In the unlikely event that something more serious occurs you will be contacted immediately.

What if my Child is unhappy when I leave them at camp?

With more than 20 years of experience, we can confidently say that most children love Camp. However, occasionally they may be reluctant at the start of the day. In these circumstances, hard as it sometimes is, we suggest you leave your child in our capable hands, and we promise that if they are unable to settle then we will contact you.

Of course, should you wish to check on your child's general wellbeing throughout the day, we are more than happy for you to contact the office for an update.

We operate a policy of open dialogue between parents and our team and of course the health, safety and happiness of your child is paramount. So if you find that your child continues to feel unhappy at camp and is not settling in, we ask that you contact our office team or camp staff to talk about it. It is our experience that by talking about any concerns they can usually be overcome within a day or so.

What if my child is ill and cannot attend the camp?

Please read the Terms & Conditions with regard to cancellations and changes. However, please note we are unable to offer any credits for missed days due to illness or cancellation without 7 days written notice.

What if I need to make changes to my booking?

We appreciate plans change, and we could all do with a holiday! This is why we make it as easy as possible to change dates, providing we have space and you request your change via email at least 7 days before your start date. If there is a price difference you will need to cover this cost.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, you can use vouchers in full or part payment. We are registered with a wide range of voucher companies. Please call the office for further details on 01923 469475 or have a look on the Voucher Provider page to see who we are registered with.

Do you have insurance?

Your child, whilst with us, is covered under our public liability insurance. Company insurance certificates and our registration certificate are available for viewing at the Camp office by prior arrangement.

What if my child is still in nappies or is toilet training?

We aim to support all children's care and welfare needs during their time at camp. Staff are fully DBS checked and can either change nappies or support and work with you and your child to encourage toilet training.

If your child is attending camp wearing nappies please bring in your nappies, wipes, nappy bags, and any creams if required.

Once booked all parents/carers can put all individual children's toileting needs on their medical form which staff will have access to each day. You can also speak to your childs key worker at sign-in to discuss your childs toileting requirements in further detail.